Privacy Statement

Realized Solutions Inc (RSI) is committed to protecting the privacy of your information. RSI collects personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other client inquiry information through its website, via direct email communications, or during in-person meetings with potential and current clients. RSI uses this information solely for the purpose for which it was submitted, such as setting up client relationships, responding to inquiries, record keeping, and other business-related responsibilities. RSI will not disclose or share your personal information with anyone unless required by law, or through your prior authorization.

Access to your personal information is controlled within our internal systems, and only employees who have a reasonable need to access that information are provided access. RSI maintains comprehensive internal security policies and procedures, and all employees are bound by such policies and procedures.

RSI will keep personal information for as long as there is a reasonable business need to retain it. You have the right to request that we remove your information from our records. Any such requests should be made in writing to

Should RSI become aware of a potential security breach in which RSI believes resulted in unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of your personal information, RSI will promptly investigate the matter in coordination with its internal security policies. If during this investigation it is determined that a breach of personal information occurred, RSI will notify, in writing, the individuals affected, and legal authorities where warranted, in accordance with its internal policies and in cooperation with all state, local, and federal breach notification laws.
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